Happiness and Acts of Creation



I made a cover for the television, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ hopefully. Reducing the screen time for the family, simplifying every day a little bit further and encouraging creative play.

Annabelle’s quilt is nearly finished now. That’s what it looks like, except it now has a navy blue binding partially attached (hand stitching is time consuming!)

A new ring sling I sewed, using rings from the great folks at Sling Rings - safe, pretty aluminum rings meant specifically for use in babywearing. I can’t wait to wear the new baby girl in it.

Annabelle, helping me bake bread. I give her some water and flour in a small cup with a spoon and she follows the steps alongside me, stirring when I stir, kneading when I knead and even periodically sprinkling flour. It’s one of my favourite chores to do with her :)

I’m plugging away at NaNoWriMo, my story is getting weirder and weirder and I’m running out of steam a little bit with everything else that’s going on. No harm in taking some time to do other things, I figure. I should take advantage of the little free time I do have at the moment because in the next month I’m going to have more constraints on my time and physical energy than ever before!

In addition to all of this, I’ve found the perfect giant wool sweater to make my own pair of swants with (hell yes, this is happening), I’ve begun cutting fabric for quilt #2, I’m planning on making some new dolls, I have one more hat to knit for Christmas for my dear brother-in-law and I’m making plans for more clothing and toys in the coming months. My dear friend Barbara from back home mailed me a serger and as soon as it comes back from the repair man (slight damage during shipping) I’m set!

All of this creating has been really very good for me, helping me stay distracted in these last few weeks of pregnancy. I’m 35 weeks along now, which means should I go into pre-term labour I can safely deliver in our local health facility rather than being transferred to the NICU in Edmonton to give birth.

I’ve been working on a lot of these projects alongside my very good friend Jess, and we’ve been able to egg each other on to finish. I’m so thankful for her, and for the distractions from my discomfort!

Happiness truly is handmade.



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