Cabin Adventure and Pregnancy Home Stretch!

Been busy lately with us all having the stomach flu, and healing from that. We went with friends to a cabin over Thanksgiving weekend and it was paradise – a woodstove for heat, a beautiful lakeview, no electricity or running water – just bliss, a total of 6 dogs and 6 children running around having a blast and getting dirty. I really needed this little trip. This was our view, day and night:




My sweet Chakra in my arms, completely pooched from being chased around by 5 other dogs and children much bigger than she – what a trooper!



I’m still working on Annabelle’s quilt top (which is almost finished and ready to assemble to the batting and the backing!!). I’ve retired my Aidez sweater for the time being to knit some more instant-gratification things and some gifts, so right now I’m knitting some convertible mitten/gloves I’ve affectionately nicknamed my Homeless Mittens, in a lovely dark brick colour. I’ve sewn a few gifts, too.


I’m 32 weeeks pregnant now, and our little baby has been threatening to make an early appearance lately, much in the same way Annabelle did at about this point. I’m finding I have to keep my physical activity in check a bit more, and keep vigilant watch over how hydrated I’ve been to keep the contractions in check. It’s been a blessing and a curse because on the one hand, the crafting time has been wonderfully productive, and on the other hand I have this overwhelming urge to clean and purge everything, and organize what is left and I’ve not been able to be as effective at that as I’d like.


NaNoWriMo is coming! National Novel Writing Month, every November, is well on its way and everyone is preparing their novel outlines and writing tools.

I have absolutely no ideas for this year. I really want to participate but holy moly do I still have a lot to do around here. I had a great time and wrote a whole bunch last year – it’s a great challenge that I love trying. I think maybe I’ll go for it, do what I can, and just use all the good writing mojo that everyone is pumping out to keep me going. I have a pretty good idea of how much of my day is really just distraction, and it’s pretty lame how much time is wasted each day doing dumb things like refreshing the same webpages over and over expecting something new, screwing about on facebook…

Maybe I can do this. Plus, the kickoff will be something fun to do the night of Halloween. We don’t get any trick-or-treaters because our driveway is quite long, dark and well-treed. We’ll likely be home fairly early from whatever shenanigans we get up to with Annabelle, too.


1667 words/day isn’t that much, right? You know, on top of handmade Yuletide gifts, caring for the weretoddler, napping and preparing the food I’ll need for the first month after the new baby is born, and let’s not forget baking bread and all the other upkeep of the home I do.


Now to come up with a story to write.

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    I have never heard of NaNoWriMo sounds challenging and exciting. Enjoy this pre baby time as the anticipation builds, knowing you will be meeting, holding, nurturing and loving a brand new person very soon.

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