What craziness have I been up to?

I’ve been trying to immortalize these last few ‘only child’ weeks with this sweet girl.


I’ve started a ‘something out of nothing’ quilt – using only fabric I’ve purchased from the thrift store (except the green leafy fabric, which was scraps I had left over), I’ve made 15 blocks like this one, with borders and lattice. It will be about twin-bed sized, for Annabelle for Christmas. I’ve never quilted before, so I’m very excited about this!


Annabelle and I are enjoying nature walks together and with our friends, carrying along a gathering basket for autumn treasures we find. I found a small backpack for her at a thrift store that she loves to wear.


The great toy purge! Behold – four baskets in the tiny human’s bedroom: assorted blocks, small animals and peg dolls, books in rotation and the few dolls and teddy bears she has. The only things missing are a (very) few stuffed animals, musical instruments and puppets that live in the living room and the learning toys that are brought out occasionally – flash cards, sewing cards, small early reader books, library books and the like.


There were some sticks I collected. And I tried to start weaving a basket. And then I ran out of sticks. So there’s that…


An army of bread! So much bread! I baked 8 loaves in one day and intend on doing so almost every weekend until the new baby arrives, to help us build up a stock in our freezer. When winter has come and it is regularly below freezing, the surplus of loaves can live in a Rubbermaid tub on our back deck, while the deep freeze is filled with easily heated meals to help with the exhaustion of a new baby and toddler. :P


Annabelle’s room got some new curtains! I spent $4 on materials – two dollars for a thick double flat sheet I found at the thrift store and two dollars for wide bias tape for the hidden loops on the back. I’m very proud of them! Now to finish up the trim in there and we’ll be golden :P

And so, in addition to all of this, I’ve been sleeping as much as I can, doing lots of reading about birth (still on the fence about freebirthing instead of going to the hospital here) and enjoying the company of great friends. It’s been bliss, really.

Happy October, friends.



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    Oooo basket weaving! I have a couple of pins on Pinterest on that because I’ve always wanted to learn. How long have you been basket weaving for?

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