On Potential – Simply Lovely Thursday #6

I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately – about time spent on work, on leisure, what the purpose of a hobby is and should be, and about the importance of being with your family.


Prior to having children, I used to love playing computer games, posting for hours on end on forums dedicated to nothing more than just wasting time. It was easy because we had just moved to a place with an obscenely long, cold winter, and we didn’t have any friends. So, my husband and I contented ourselves with immersing ourselves in a game. Screens of all kinds were in our field of view from the end of the work-day until we fell asleep, every day, for years.


It was no life at all. Since Annabelle has been born, I’ve learned how important it is to be present physically. Children learn first by interacting with the world in whatever way their bodies can, and I wanted to set an example. Summer makes that easy, it’s warm, colourful and there are so many things to explore – winter is a completely different story, here.

But I’m excited all the same. I’m collecting some ideas and plans for crafting, playdates, weekly potluck dinners with friends, and all kinds of fun to be had on days where it’s impossibly cold outside.


It’s almost like this week, with the coming chill in the air and the growing life in my belly that there’s a renewed dedication to pursue the life we want – living on less, simply, focussing on relationships, remaining present with one another and continuing to creatively learn about the world. There is nothing we can’t do.


We went on a short adventure the other morning all together – myself, Annabelle and two great friends along with their children, three beautiful kids aged 2-3. After playing in the dirt and sand (Annabelle having eaten more than her fair share) we went on a short walk down the trail, stopping to climb rocks in a stream bed, say hello to squirrels until we crossed a small wooden bridge over a pond and came back. It was pure bliss to be with two women who seem to get it, you know? They understand and believe similarly to me about striving for a simpler life, and it makes my heart soar to spend time with them.


Nothing better than adventuring with four small happy children!

They really were just a few small rocks to help direct the spring run-off from the street above, but to a bunch of little kids it was an adventure mountain!


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    I have written in the past on the topic of time and plan to in the future as well because we live in such a time obsessed world. What I loved the most is when you said, “There is nothing we can’t do.” I couldn’t agree more. Our own minds are the only limitations, we talk ourselves out of believing that we can do something. So we can just as easily know that we can do anything. It’s up to us.

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