Ah, Nesting – A Pregnancy Update


This is happening. Nesting instinct.

I’m 26 weeks pregnant, and everything, everything, needs to be taken care of. NOW.

I was laying across the front seat of the truck just willing the Braxton Hicks contractions to stop. They’re so frequent lately, once every 20 minutes or so for a couple hours every night, and a few every day if I’m too active. Alex and Annabelle were finishing up at the checkout and I couldn’t comfortably walk around anymore, so I started the truck and the air conditioning and just laid down. I was in the hospital for seven days with pre-term labour symptoms at 33 weeks when I was pregnant with Annabelle and I definitely don’t want to be doing that again, so I have to really take it easy. Lots of water, lots of rest, lots of good food. Our hospital here isn’t equipped to care for a baby born prior to 35 weeks gestation, and I absolutely cannot be transferred to the city when I have a husband who needs to work and a toddler who needs me. This baby girl had better stick around.

And so, yesterday it began. I was suddenly wanting, needing to go through everything we own and purge anything that is not conducive to our lifestyle now. Like our lives depended on it.  My anxiety about how much needs to be done was sky-rocketing. I was getting stressed and snapping at my loved ones, so I put myself to bed for an hour.

In true Kaitlin fashion, it’s list making time.

I’m going to systematically map out our home into the zones where things have collected – a living room shelf, two small hall closets, the cupboards and the bedroom closets, as well as laundry that needs to be caught up on (and clothing to be purged) and my art studio in the basement that needs to be tended to. I also want to take an inventory of our pantry and freezers.

One at a time, because that’s all I’m physically able to do at the moment, I will go through and tackle it all, keeping in mind the last time an object was used, whether it is necessary or brings us closer to our goals of a practical, minimalist, simple life.

This is happening. It’s going to be slow, but everything in our home will be something we actually need or actively use.

I’m tired of ‘organizing’ over and over again, when I should be minimizing!

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    Loved loved love this post, especially when you said, “I’m tired of ‘organizing’ over and over again, when I should be minimizing!” I hope this post is an inspiration to other moms and moms-to-be. I just read this amazing post from a mom who titled it something like “why I took my toys kids away and will never give them back.” It hit on something I feel, that we oversaturate kids with things which reduces their creativity. Back in the day, before I was born and a little after, all kids got was a box and a bucket of sand. They got to create what they wanted without being inundated with stuff. It challenged their mind. Now kids are getting cell phones and all sorts of things that often end up becoming more distractions than anything else. So what I’m saying here is, I just love where nesting has taken you and what you are doing. I’m also a list maker as well, just wrote up a list the other day. :)

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