Friday Faves and Friends #5 – Saturday Edition!

I’ve been busy busy busy since Annabelle has been feeling better. The yardwork for the end of the year is getting done and I’m scrambling with my friends to get a new parenting group started, as our current group has suddenly and completely dissolved. Ah, yes, yet another wonderful thing for me to take on! <3

Gotta get my organizing hat on!

This week, my favourites are:

  • Food Renegade, a blog about real food, nutrition and rebelling against the current food industry to heal our guts and better feed our families. Very cool.
  • Madsen Bicycles! I can’t get over how freaking cool these are – they’re a regular bicycle with an extra-long frame that accommodates a large bucket for cargo like groceries, garden plants and camping gear, and it even has two seats with seatbelts for children! I gotta have it. It’s definitely out of my price range, but next summer, a green transportation solution for myself and my daughters will be found. Mark my words!
  • My new Writers Get Real group! I created a little info page for anyone interested in joining or snagging a button for their sidebar. Come play with us!


I’ve been making a whole lot of new friends this week and finding all kinds of fresh blogs to read – here are just a few:

  • Technically an old friend of mine (we’ve been following each other around on the internet for a few years now.. holy moly!), Heather is a mega-talented writer I adore. This particular recent post of hers about responsibility, frugality and making positive changes was so inspiring to me. Love her madly – go read In Among the Heather.
  • She Makes a Home has some really adorable September desktop/iPhone freebies for you to snatch. I love the quote they have on them!
  • And finally, Mrs. ShuGar reminds us all to live our lives with love.


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