Simply Lovely Thursday #4

This week has been one of goal setting, plan making and being empowered to do what I want to. It’s been refreshing to kind of be reassured by my circumstances and life that I’m going in the right direction with the choices we make for our family, our lifestyle and our happiness.


It’s such a nice feeling to be secure in yourself.

The Blog Bootcamp is going well, I’m a tiny bit behind only because I’ve been trying to sneak it all in after Annabelle goes to bed at night. To take some time to write and break down long-term, hugely far-off goals into smaller pieces makes it all seem so much more attainable. That fact is both exciting and horrifying to me, because I end up with a concrete, practical plan to accomplish what I want to and the only thing standing in my way is me. There is only myself to blame if it doesn’t work, because I have everything spelled out for me – all that’s left is to do the work.



Heading to the Farmer’s Market was the highlight of my day. I’ve never been to this one before and was pleasantly surprised! One elderly woman was selling her hanging towels, pot holders and hanging plastic bag sacks. She insisted on giving Annabelle a hanging towel to be special and just for her and I couldn’t simply let her do that without buying things from her. She was so sweet. I can’t wait to go back and visit some more.


This week’s Simply Lovely Things


  • I’ve been particularly enjoying my Red Raspberry Leaf Tea lately, which is good seeing as how beneficial it is for pregnant women. After Annabelle goes for a nap, I usually put on some water and have a nice big mug full and enjoy some peace and quiet.
  • Daydreaming about our five year plan and what is to come afterward. It feels so good to have the potential for so many wonderful things on the horizon!
  • Wonderful friends. I feel like I’ve truly found my tribe, finally, in this small town and it couldn’t be more appreciated. I’ve mentioned them before, but to know that there are such wonderful women living nearby with similar views and ideals never ceases to make me immensely grateful.


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