Friday Faves & Friends #2

There has been a lot of great stuff floating around online this week and I’m so excited to share it!


  • Some of my friends have been chatting about co-housing. I had never heard of it, but it’s a fascinating and completely intriguing concept to me! The basic idea is that you form a community of a number of individual houses that like minded members purchase for their families, all in close proximity to one another. There is a common housing unit containing meeting rooms, a children’s play room, a large kitchen and dining area for communal dinners and probably guest rooms for temporary visitors. There are gardens and many other sustainable practices at work and everyone pitches in. The income you have is your own aside from the regular fee paid to the common house. You end up with the best of both worlds – a tight-knit, safe community and the privacy of keeping your own home!
    I love this idea, and I wish that I was able to start something like that – how amazing would that be? We could have huge canning days, big crafting parties, birthday gatherings, harvest feasts.. my head is spinning! What a great place it could be to raise children, to gain support from your neighbors (who inevitably become your best friends, of course) and to even grow old. What a dream.
  • Speaking of dreams – I don’t think I’ve felt quite this optimistic about mine in some time. I’m slowly starting to realize that the people who succeed at what they love are no different or better than I. It’s all happening!!!
  • If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me gushing about a video I saw very recently. As someone who has suffered with OCD my entire life, it deeply resonated with me. I looked ridiculous blubbering hysterically in my living room the other night. It’s such a beautiful piece of poetry, and performed so well.



  • Jeff Goins has been a great inspiration to me this week.
  • Mavis Butterfield from One Hundred Dollars a Month has already harvested 416 pounds of produce from her garden this year! I want to be just like her when I ‘grow up’. Heh. Just wonderful.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. says

    Hi! Just found your blog through a commment on Uglylikebutts. That’s pretty funny. I always enjoy finding a nice Canadian read on the internet. I wouldn’t say that I’m patriotic, but there seems to be few people up here writing. At least writing things that I like reading…I guess most hippie-esque people avoid the internets? Anyways, wanted to say that I like what you’ve written so far. Loved the post about radical homemaking and also the one about following your dreams. I’ve been working on a dreams post for a while now, and just can’t get it quite right. Too preoccupied in trying to figure out what my dreams actually are. :)

    • kaitlin says

      Hey! Cool, nice to meet you! Yeah, it’s not terribly often I run into other Canadian bloggers either :)
      Thanks for the encouragement, as someone just getting started blogging again after a very long hiatus, it’s hard to get your feet wet again! I’m slowly getting it back together, making big plans for the future of this little space.
      One tip I can offer – make a date with yourself, and daydream wildly. We can do anything if we set our minds to it!

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